Dr. Naresh R. Thumati (Dr. T):

The Pharmaceutical Consultant to Guide You From "Source to Shelf"

Dr. Naresh Thumati is a highly accomplished scientist with a doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Germany and an entrepreneur, the founder, and principal consultant at TVR Pharmaceuticals, under which all his consulting services are provided.

Dr. Thumati’s journey began with a doctorate from Germany, where he honed scientific acumen and research skills and then worked as research fellow scientist in Canada and USA. As a pharmaceutical scientist, he contributed to cutting-edge advancements in pharmaceutical sciences. His significant contributions are showcased by his published research articles in various international peer-reviewed journals. Now, as a consultant, Dr. T. leverages his scientific background and business mastery to provide innovative solutions and strategic insights to healthcare businesses.

As a leading consultant currently based in Canada with a unique "Source-to-Shelf" approach, he provides comprehensive guidance to clients across the entire product life cycle, from sourcing to distribution, ensuring exceptional standards of quality and regulatory compliance. Over the course of more than 20 years, Dr. Thumati has excelled as an R&D scientist and Regulatory Affairs & Quality Management System (QMS) professional, contributing to renowned organizations in Canada and the USA. His key areas of expertise include pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs, QMS, Compliance, formulations, R&D, supply chain management, business development and market access.

Dr. Thumati is also a leading consultant for Natural Health Products and Supplements in Canada, specializing in product licenses (NPN), site licenses, and import permits. Furthermore, he has been instrumental in helping numerous food companies establish their preventive control plans (PCP) under the safe food regulations of CFIA, Canada. His extensive knowledge in this domain allows him to navigate complex regulatory requirements and facilitate successful market entry for clients in this industry.

Additionally, Dr. Naresh's extensive industry networking connections and exceptional communication skills have further solidified his reputation as a trusted advisor in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. His great understanding of the global pharma business landscape allows him to navigate the complexities of international markets seamlessly.

With an in-depth knowledge spanning various types and areas of the pharma business, including Rx and OTC pharmaceuticals, Natural Health Products, Supplements, Food, Ayurvedic medicine, medical devices, cosmeceuticals, Cannabis, Hemp, and Controlled substances, Dr. T. brings a holistic perspective to every consulting engagement. His ability to identify and capitalize on emerging opportunities has been instrumental in driving growth and success for clients, making him a sought-after consultant in the industry.

Dr. Thumati’s dedication to delivering exceptional service extends to his customer-centric approach in close collaboration with clients. As a team player, he harnesses his multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise to build projects tailored to each client's unique needs, providing comprehensive support throughout the project life cycle. This approach enables clients to forecast and expedite their projects effectively, benefiting from Naresh's guidance and extensive experience.

Moreover, Naresh's knowledge allows him to provide valuable insights and guidance on marketing strategies, pricing, and overall business development. As an affiliate to his clients, Naresh remains steadfast in his commitment, holding their hands from project inception to completion, ensuring a successful path forward. His focus on building strong and enduring relationships has earned him the trust and loyalty of clients, making him a reliable and highly sought-after partner in the pharmaceutical and healthcare consulting landscape.

Overall, the diverse strengths, accomplishments, and exceptional dedication of  Dr. Naresh Thumati encompasses delivering comprehensive support throughout the project life cycle while also highlighting his entrepreneurial role as the founder and principal consultant of TVR Pharmaceuticals. If you have any further questions or specific requests for Dr. Thumati, please let us know through "Contact Form" and we will be happy to assist further.

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Market Access

Regulatory Affairs


Supply Chain Management

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Harvard University

Bachelor's degree in Psychology

New York University

Master's degree in Psychology


NBCC board license, 2013, NYC

NBMTM board license, 2014, Washington DC

NCBTMB board license, 2014, NYC



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